MC Navi released

Mike Crash mike at
Fri Feb 12 22:37:16 CET 2010

> "Omlouváme se, ale tato sekce je p#ístupná pouze pro administrátory" 

There is a flag to switch to english language on

> Failed to fetch
> Hash Sum mismatch
> Failed to fetch
> Hash Sum mismatch 

I have uploaded dists directory to wrong directory on ftp server (to dists
itself), so it doesn't match, I have fixed it and it should work now

> Is there any opkg of your program fot trying it on SHR? 

For SHR I have no binaries, it needs to recompile with different libraries.
I work on Debian so I provide only Debian packages. 

> I can't install it on qtmoko: 

You need E17 EFL's, it will not work on qtmoko

> Do you use the same bin format as navit? 

No, I'm using different, because it works entirely different than navit. It
was my first attempt to speed up navit, but I have gave up - hard to change
other's code

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