elm_browser initial release

omcomali.rhn at porcupinefactory.org omcomali.rhn at porcupinefactory.org
Sun Feb 14 11:50:29 CET 2010

On Sun, 14 Feb 2010 11:39:18 +0100
Lars Hennig <neo at el-hennig.de> wrote:

> Am Sonntag 14 Februar 2010 schrieb Petr Vanek:
> > How about ~ by default but having it as a configurable string? And the
> > downloader perhaps too? "wget". Some might change it to
> > "wget -c"  (continue downloading)
> Even better would be /media/card as there is usually more space...
Not everyone uses the card all the time, so ~/Downloads would be better. You can symlink that to whatever you wish (like it used to be in TangoGPS).
Also, wget -c sometimes gives up, I think it was 10 retries.


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