[shr-u 20100212] contacts list is empty

hab keen oh ne baba_melone at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 14 14:36:12 CET 2010

Upgrade failed for me, too. But only the X server wouldnt start, after 1 reboot, ssh was opened, so I could execute opkg upgrade again, this time successfully which made things work for me. Besides, SHR doesnt save the contacts and messages on the sim card any longer, so you should either always keep an up-to-date copy of the /etc/freesmartphone/opim/ directory or save the current nand image before reflashing, mount it and copy this directory.


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Betreff: [shr-u 20100212] contacts list is empty

hello list, after some shr-u strangeness i attempter an opkg upgrade.
that failed so i was forced to re-flash. i did so with the latest
20100212 file. but now, it seems i no longer have any contacts.

ive looked around in the pim settings for contacts and noticed there
are 3 entries. ive tried setting all of them to default but still no
contacts in the contacts list. there were many before.

any one have a guiding light for this issue?

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