My FR A5 Mods

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Sun Feb 14 20:32:55 CET 2010

Bartłomiej Zimoń <uzi18 at> writes:
> Just moded A5 with no bat mod and clamping mod [1]. It works :) and
> both Caps are 100uF/4V 1206.

Cool. For the recamping mode you could have used a much smaller
capacitor but i see you found a nice place for this anyway,
congratulations :) For the others who's going to do #1024 fix: the
capacitor must be low-ESR, ceramic. 22uF is really enough.

> What left me to mod in A5?
> Someone said to check if there are C or R neer by Audio Codec but
> not remember now which?

R3004 and R3005 should be 0R and not 1uF.

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