[ANNOUNCE] qi-bootmenu-0.1 for GTA02

Jose Luis Perez Diez perezdiez at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 11:21:23 CET 2010

A Dissabte, 13 de de febrer de 2010 14:25:41, Marc Andre Tanner va escriure:
> Hi,
> I finally found the time to package up my current state of things which
> works ok here at least for GTA02. Kernel + Qi can be downloaded from:
>  http://www.brain-dump.org/projects/qi-bootmenu/
> It would be nice if the various distros out there could place their
> kernels in /boot/uImage-$MACHINE.bin where $MACHINE is either GTA01
> or GTA02. This makes sure that they will be detected by qi-bootmenu.
> You can optionally also place a logo in /boot/bootlogo.png which
> will be displayed along the partition name.

I found it nice but i sugest that it search for other images names & tipes 

I've tested it on sd in an ext3 partition (on the first boot sees 2 sd 
partitions with bootable images ( itself & shr-u) booting itself gives a menu 
with just one option ( poweroff ) booting shr-u that boots fine with Qi gives 
me a kernel panic loop (it looks like watchdog is restarting kernel)

Booting it with nor u-boot from a fat partition on mmcblk0p1 recognizes my 
shr-u install on mmcblk0p2 and boots ok ( also I seem to no get WSD)

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