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Mon Feb 15 14:22:14 CET 2010

* Denis Johnson wrote, Il 08/02/2010 00:38:
>>> If I use the nodebug kernel I can't boot with qi (I use qi installed
>>> by qtmoko v16d installer). It just vibrates once and flashes the red
>>> led but doesn't start to boot. But it does boot if I boot it with
>>> u-boot from NOR.
>>> But with the debug kernel it boots with qi.
>> Can confirm this with qi as well. qtmoko installed on uSD. Anyone know
>> how can I see the error/provide a log?
> I can also confirm this, so I am currently running the normal kernel.
> I have also noticed that this image + kernel frequently shows
> "searching for network"
I confirm too these problem with Qtmoko-19 (but with the faster kernel).

I can't boot with qi directly, i have to use NOR menu.
And sometime when i boot it starts qtopia normally, but it seems
freezing or not completing the load, and i have to restart qtopia
manually 2 o 3 times to have it work properly.

And me too i have a lot of problem with the "searching network" on Gsm
registration, very problematic to use Qtmoko as a daily phone.

Rather then that: the FR now it's REALLY FAST with the interface!
I like this incredible improvement in velocity, it's huge. Now when i
press a icon it's superfast to load too.

It remains the problem with qi-boot and the GSM registration, that is
really problematic.

Thank you so much Radek and all involved on dev of QtMoko, i really like it!

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