Problems with NWA

Ben Thompson bt4 at
Mon Feb 15 15:22:37 CET 2010


I recently installed NWA on latest SHR-U and it fails to start up with
the following error :-

"Fatal Error: Cannot parse configuration file error occurred while
parsing element on line 1, column 1"

I checked that /usr/share/nwa/defaultconfiguration.xml exists and it
looks fine to me :-

root at om-gta02 /usr/share/nwa $ cat defaultconfiguration.xml 
<xml version="1.0">
<!-- This is the default configuration file for nwa, and contains a
     basic configuration for the openmoko freerunner.
     The user configuration file is $HOME/.nwa.conf and overrides this -->

<!-- in the following section we define all possible dhcp clients -->
  <dhcpclient name="udhcpc -f -i $IFACE$" default="yes"/>
  <dhcpclient name="none" />
<!-- ifupscript/ifdownscript are executed when wpa_supplicant associates/disconnect -->
 <ifupscript name="" />
 <ifdownscript name="" />
<!-- autoenable wlan interface activation at startup -->
 <autoenable value="yes" />
<!-- interface card, usually eth0, on some distro is eth1 (hackable1) -->
 <iface name="eth0" maxquality="255"/>
<!-- here are stored the network definitions, the default allows to connect
     to every open ap -->
  <network name="Any Open" key_mgmt="NONE" enabled="yes" disabledhcp="false" upscript="" downscript=""/>
<!-- scripts that are runned when wpa_supplicant complete authentication and when it disconnects
     if you run nwa as non privileged user you may define a sudo call to launch/kill the dhcpcd client
     (disabiling the main dhcp section setting it to none -->
 <ifupscript path=""/>
 <ifdownscript path=""/>
 <brokenkernelhack value="no"/>
 <apscan mode="1"/>
<!-- disable/enable fso use to:
     * enable/disable wifi
     * use idlenotifyer to bring up display on popup message and at startup
     * play notification sound with gstreamer -->
 <usefso value="true"/>
 <!-- sounds to play when ip address is received/released -->
 <upsound path="/usr/share/nwa/sounds/bonus.ogg"/>
 <downsound path="/usr/share/nwa/sounds/gameover.ogg"/>
 <!-- sound profile, 0 no sound, 1 sounds enabled, 2 vibrate, 3 sound + vibrate -->
 <soundprofile value="1"/>
 <!-- to force main window show at startup even if you have systray support -->
 <alwaysshowwindow value="no"/>

Can anyone help?



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