OpenMoko Developer required

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at
Tue Feb 16 09:46:03 CET 2010

David Morris <david at> writes:
> I've recently discovered OpenMoko and Freerunner and am looking for
> freelance developers to customise the OS for specific requirements. If you

Which "the OS" are you talking about?

> Primarily I want to have the handset able to retrieve SIM details over
> TCP/IP from a SIM bank rather than from a local SIM to the handset and for
> the handset to act as a remote slave for a WAN. This would mean having to
> somehow intercept and replace the SIM details that the GSM chip reads from
> the internal SIM storage area and instead pull this over the wireless
> connection or USB network connection instead.

My guess is that this is not possible. We do not have source code to
the part that talks to the SIM card.

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