OpenMoko Developer required

Dieter Spaar spaar at
Tue Feb 16 10:52:52 CET 2010

Hello Timo,

Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote:
> My guess is that this is not possible. We do not have source code to
> the part that talks to the SIM card.
Those who are/were under NDA with Openmoko have access to
the GSM firmware source code (at least the small part which was
delivered by TI).

Intercepting and simulation SIM access is possible, however
the biggest problem is that you usually don't know the A3/A8
algorithm and the Ki inside the SIM. Those are needed whenever
the phone has to authenticate to the GSM network. You can't
extract them from current SIM cards so you are not able to
authenticate to the GSM network without having access to the
"real" SIM.

Best regards,

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