[GTA02] VGA-QVGA switching - #2263 revisited

Ben Wilson ben at abcom.co.nz
Thu Feb 18 07:24:05 CET 2010

I'd just like to add that QVGA has not worked on GTA01 for a few years 
now (at least not in SHR)
xrandr has always reported 480x640 as the only available mode.

I think it may have been worked under om2007.
Anyone tried it under debian?

If anyone's able to have a look at getting GTA01 QVGA working in SHR 
that would be great.


On 18/02/2010 4:47 a.m., Vladimir Koutny wrote:
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>>> Thus, I'd like to ask if anyone know:
>>>   - a solution that works?
>>>   - a git revision which is supposed to fix #2263?
>>>   - some background on #2263 so I can try to fix it in SHR kernel?
>>> I'm also fine with DRM kerels if they can somehow switch the modes/orientations;
>>> I didn't find a word how that should work, though.
>> XRandR hasn't really been worked on yet for the DRM/KMS stack, so if it
>> works then it's more luck than judgement.  I'm working on stabilising
>> this kind of thing in the 2.6.32+DRM kernel right now.
> Ok, thanks for info. I'll try to have a look at the andy-tracking code
> for now (which is the most stable kernel for my needs.. 2.6.32 can't even
> suspend/resume properly) - hopefully I can find something..
> Vlado
>> Tom
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