problems getting android to run

Jozef Siska yoyo at
Fri Feb 19 23:28:54 CET 2010


  I was trying to get adnroid running on my freerunner...

I first tried the "automated install" (i put it o a fat-only sd, and then
also on one with exactly one fat and one ext2 partition...)
It booted, installed qi then showed a white screen and rebooted, the red
led blinked (might be that it blinked multiple times very fast, hard to
say..), vibrated and then stayed on the white screen 

The "blink" of the red led was shorter then a "normal" boot (I put
in a sd card with shr on it and it booted ok, the red led blinked
shortly (presumably for the first FAT partition) and then lighted-up for
a longer time before the kernel came up...)

I tried flashing the kernel and rootfs manualy through dfu-util
(kernel.img and system.img, though I am not really sure if these are the
right files...), but it seems that qi can't boot it.
When trying without a sd card the red led lights up (for a longer time,
like when I was able to  boot shr from sd), it vibrates shortly 2 times
and nothing else happens...
With a sd card without a usable system, it just blinks and vibrates.

The same happens, when I flash a shr kernel and rootfs to the neo, so it
seems to be a qi problem... (NOR u-boot boots the shr kernel just
fine..., gets a CRC error on the android kernel, which is what I expected...)

Then I tried loading the kernel through dfu-util directly to memory and
booting it, this booted the kernel, displayed a logo and stayed

Is there any way to disable the logo / enable some debug output to see
what is going on?

I tried  android-on-freerunner-cupcake-0.2.0-RC1.tar.gz 
and also 

the "master" branch doesn't have the logo, so it shows a lot of output,
I saw a lot of "nand_read_bbt: bad block..." mesasges, though if I boot
up shr, I can mount and use the mtd partition without problems... 
(or if I flash and run SHR from nand...)

the last screenfull of messages  looked like:
init: cannot find '/system/bin/ifconfig', disabling 'usb-ether'
init: command 'class_start' r=0
init: processing action 0x37c20 (boot)
init: command 'mount' r=0
a lot of 
init: command 'chown' r=0
and 'setprop' r=0
init: processing action 0x34e40 (property: persist.service.adb.enable=1)
init: starting adbd
init: command 'start' r =0
s3c-ohci s3c-ohci: susped root hub

and that it stayed there...

Btw, for any "it stayed there" I usually went doing another things and
left it few times for even an hour... So I guess it certainly wasn't
doing anything... ;)

Any hints / suggestions? 


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