[debian] ssh hangs

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Sun Feb 21 17:29:04 CET 2010

>> a long time ago i used to experience frequent hangs with ssh  
>> connections,
>> when using that infamous dropbear.
> Does this happen when you ssh to localhost?

nope. and not with other targets. only the fr, which makes me suspect it  
has something to do with usb networking.
but it has not been an issue before with debian ssh.
it seems to happen only when th fr outputs something, frinst when doing

qdbus --system

(even with mdbus) or when compiling via ssh.

> Does the client respond to escape sequences? (man ssh and read "ESCAPE

have to check next time. as usual it does not freeze while watched now :-)

> "ps axuf" should make it easy to associate ssh server processes to the
> programs that you are using over ssh and "netstat -alpn" should tell
> you which tcp ports these server processes are talking to. If you then
> run "netstat -alpn" on the client side you can figure out which client
> uses the port associated with the "frozen" connection.

yes, but i kind of hoped for a simpler solution.

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