Voice quality on FreeRunner A7 ?

Al Johnson openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 21 20:00:51 CET 2010

On Sunday 21 February 2010, rixed at happyleptic.org wrote:
> > With the right volume settings my FR is on a par with
> > my k700i.
> After having buzz-fixed the phone, I followed all discussions about mixer
> settings and I managed after many tries to raise sound quality (for other
>  end) from inaudible to barely audible.
> I would be very interrested in your settings, although I suspect this
>  depends most on the phone than on the settings.

please see my other reply regarding how to get a sensible set of settings.

My settings would be no use to you as I turn down from default not up. I 
suspect the variations in how loudly people speak and how they position the 
phone relative to their head have more to do with the need for different 
settings than variations in the handsets themselves. We would need to do a lot 
of measurements to find out though.

Normally phone handsets get around this problem by using automatic gain 
controls. There is one in the Wolfson audio codec, but I have never managed to 
get it to help. I think one of the openmoko hardware guys said it isn't any 
use for the signal levels we have, but I haven't checked the datasheet of 
poked the board with a scope to be sure. There is probably also such a control 
in the Calypso, but we have no means of using it (unless the project for an 
open calypso firmware makes some sudden and unexpected progress).

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