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Mike Crash mike at
Tue Feb 23 10:05:31 CET 2010

Actually, I don't know, why everybody needs a phone. The community should aim
at simple PDA with GPS, WiFi, BT and camera. This all is without any license
fees and can be made to work. The phone is nice, but do you really need such
a device, where you can navigate in car/outdoors and in the same time take a
call? I will prefer a simple small commercial phone with other such device.
If I drive in car, I don't need WiFi, just a GSP, if I'm outdoors, I need
GSP, if I'm in restaurant, I need WiFi, if I'm in bus stop, I need BT to
connect to my phone with GPSR. I need only one such a function at a time,
but what I need always - is a phone. I want to call when I'm in a car, in a
bus stop, in a restaurant, in a wood and I don't want to break my
navigation, mailing, browsing every time I get a phone.

A phone has wifi and GPS as a nice option, but to have separate device with
all that functionality is much more usable. I'm using Neo as PDA without sim
card. I'm glad how it works - in last update to xorg 7.5 the glamo works
very well and fast. EFL is very fast on that, GTK is worse. We should aim at
software now.

The next step should be to make nice PDA device with GPS, WiFi and BT and
with OLED display (LCD is out). Camera would be nice, but not needed. Forget
the phone, it will be always problem for open source.

There is not big problem in designing such a device. And also, it will have
longer life then a phone. But - will there be enough people, who will buy
it? It needs to manufacture thousands of units - so thousands of buyers.
Will be? If yes, we can design such a device and I will be first, who will
start to draw a schematic. 

We can create a phone as a next step in the future, but not now. This is a
very bad idea.
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