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Mike Crash mike at
Tue Feb 23 19:41:22 CET 2010

You talk something else than me. I didn't said anything about usage and
development, only about the phone. Take a today phone and try to use it as
GPS. In some hours you are out of battery, not very usable for a weekend in
nature. You say, that Neo is like laptop in 2000? Nope, on laptop you can
write documents, make programming etc. On neo you cannot. The small screen
is very limited.

Neo can be used as GPS, for access to internet (especially reading), book
reading, as MP3 player etc. But not as mobile office. If you are "clicker",
yes, but for real work no.

Also consider the open source community - it has not the power to take the
lead. And no power to make really open phone. Not without any involvement of
some big manufacturer.
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