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Tue Feb 23 20:26:24 CET 2010

As we build up to the SHR Stable renaming of SHR Testing and (hopefully) a
number of SHR Stable parties across the world, I have been thinking about
what all we can do to create more awareness about SHR (and FSO) among
embeded developers as well as users. Three ideas have come to me (as in
within the last miniute so please excuse if they are not developed properly)

1) We need to create press releases that we can emai/ mail/ fax to our local
(or global for that matter) tech media outlets. Actually I am thinking of 2
sets of press releases. One for the various developer communities who may be
interested and one for the general public focuses media. The general public
press release needs to give an idea of what SHR is, what it is trying to
acheive,its benifits and usefullness etc with screen shots. The community
announcement can be more technical and also acknowledge the core developers
(if they agree). I see these going out to the tech editor of your local
newspaper, tech blogging sites, news agencies, maybe some companies too
along with the big tech news websites. If we all send these out in our own
regions we may get some coverage

2) This weekend I am going to make a questionnaire for the SHR core team
asking questions about the history of SHR (how it came to be, who were the
key people in the begining etc), who all are working on it currently and
what all are they contributing, what technologies and toolkits SHR uses and
supports, Why SHR should be used, What are the future plans and new targeted
platforms, What help do they need, What contributions the community can make
etc. I will post the questionnaire on these mailing lists and maybe the
SHR-devloper list too. Once the answers are there maybe some of you with
bolgs can edit and make an article for your blogs/ for sending to magazines
for publication.

3) If someone can make a small SHR user logo, the SHR  users can put it on
their blogs/ websites.

Please send feedback and more ideas.


PS - Also add your names for the various SHR Stable parties

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 11:53 PM, rakshat hooja <rakshat at> wrote:

> As promised I  have put together a very basic framework of the SHR Stable
> release party planning page
> Please go through it and add your information/ improve it/ send feedback.
> Currently it is only linked from the SHR page on the OM wiki
> Please let me know the other places it should be linked from (main SHR
> wiki?)
> Rakshat
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