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> On Tuesday 23 February 2010 10:05:31 Mike Crash wrote:
> > We can create a phone as a next step in the future, but not now. This is
> a
> > very bad idea.
> I cant agree. I have N770 which is great PDA. If Neo was just PDA i would
> never bought it.

I agree 100%. I have a few different Palms, which were much cheaper then
the Neo. It was the vision that inspired me, and I'm sure will inspire

> Neo is very nice piece of hardware. But the hardware needs some fixes. I
> think
> gta-core project does exactly what is needed. If it had better case and
> design
> (or you could choose from alternative cases - e.g. white color for girls
> and
> women) and if it was cheap, it could be quite successful phone.

While I agree that aesthetics are a factor, at this point the community
should focus on
making something sustainable. If the stuff under the hood is good, we'll
attract case
mods, and they can put cool cases around our good hardware.

I also think gta-core is on the right track. It just needs to keep moving
forward, and
we'll eventually be successful.

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