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> Does anybody out there know what the financial envelope for, say, a run
> of 100 Neos with the accumulated hardware improvements, g3, and double
> the memory would be? I am thinking a custom application here...

I have no idea on financials, but the impression I got was small quantities
were incredibly expensive, comparatively. It might be better to shoot for
1000 (or even 10,000), and open it to the community to see if anyone would
want to do the work of sales to make it break even.

In your laundry list, the 3G (I'm guessing that is what you meant by g3) is
probably far and away the most expensive piece, as it involves patents and
licences and so forth, if I recall
the discussion correctly.

If you can do without the 3G, the gta-core project may be able
to accommodate you.

Hope that helps,
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