gta02-core (was Re: OM future)

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra rms at
Thu Feb 25 09:41:42 CET 2010

Em 25-02-2010 01:39, Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) escreveu:
> boys with the big pots of money are surprisingly close there. rome wasn't built
> in one day. fight the battles you can win - dont fight the impossible ones.
> sure - it's not as glorious. it's not as sexy. but it gets you one small step
> closer to where you'd like to be. you may never get it. that's the nature of
> compromises. but you can get some of it at least.

Oh come on, don't beat them with a stick, if you don't have people
working on this now, then when the time comes there will be pretty much
nothing to show and all the time of development will have to start
*then* instead of now :)

The beauty of these communities thing is that one resource spent in
developping gta02-core is not one resource not spent in SHR because (and
I might be wrong here because I'm not into gta02-core) most likely
gta02-core people don't feel as excited writing software for a
smartphone environment (PIM, call support, other apps, etc...).

As such, gta02-core people are not diminishing SHR people, but


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