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> What about the Ben NanoNote (
> They showed how the process is done, from the beginning to the end (I don't
> know about the funding).

i dont need yet another mini pda. i have a small army of them - that dont
replace the phone junk in my pocket. i - and i would say the vast majority of
people, dont want multiple things in their pockets - why do u think pda's are
dead? they want 1, and the phone trumped all of it for communications reasons.
if you dont have a phone you instantly made your potential market a lot
smaller. if it doesnt fit in a pocket easily - you just shrunk your market
significantly. the more you move your product into a market niche, the more
likely it is to fail due to just not making enough volume. open products is
already a niche.

> Although it's not a phone, I do have a working ultra-portable now for a
> reasonable price :) (It just needs some software-ports, but that is part of
> the fun).
> Ghislain
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