gta02-core (was Re: OM future)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Feb 25 12:16:46 CET 2010


> They showed how the process is done, from the beginning to the end (I don't
> know about the funding).

even that is open :-) (scroll down to second part)

> Although it's not a phone, I do have a working ultra-portable now for a
> reasonable price :) (It just needs some software-ports, but that is part of
> the fun).

Phone is super hard. I finally agree with rasterman on something and share
most of what he said earlier in this thread about the economics of getting
an 'open' hardware project going. It's tough. And the phone is the toughest
of them all.
OpenPandora took 4000 pre-orders and financed it that way, hopefully they
will make it, they still have a long way to go, product wise and company wise.

For the phone, what do you guys think about the osmocom project by Harald
and friends?

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