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> >> What about the Ben NanoNote (
> >> They showed how the process is done, from the beginning to the end (I
> >> don't
> >> know about the funding).
> > 
> > i dont need yet another mini pda. i have a small army of them - that dont
> > replace the phone junk in my pocket. i - and i would say the vast majority
> > of
> > people, dont want multiple things in their pockets - why do u think pda's
> > are
> > dead? they want 1, and the phone trumped all of it for communications
> > reasons.
> > if you dont have a phone you instantly made your potential market a lot
> > smaller. if it doesnt fit in a pocket easily - you just shrunk your market
> > significantly. the more you move your product into a market niche, the
> > more
> > likely it is to fail due to just not making enough volume. open products
> > is
> > already a niche.

nanonote is a fair bit simpler than a phone - much less RF, no complex fcc
testing (and every body on the planet) to get certification, no modem at all so
skipping one of the big problem areas - its very simple. its not a bad little
toy - but its a far cry from a phone. ask wolfgang - he's behind nanonote - ex
openmoko. he didnt learn from nanonote - he learned from om to make nanonote.
why do u think its not a phone? because a phone is way more expensive - and

> It was not an example of what you need, it was an example of how they did it
> and what we can learn of it. Also, it's not 'yet another mini pda', because
> of it's openness you can use it the way you want, just use your imagination
> and your programming skills :)

sure - i can do that with my smartq5 too and my other myriad of toys. none of
them replace my phone - and making a phone is complex and expensive.

> Your statement 'open products is already a niche' is the exact statement I
> heard 15-years ago about open-software. We are just at the beginning, just
> give it some time. :)

and it *IS* a niche. by open products i mean the ones where you open up
everything - source and hardware and the target market DEMANDS open or you wont
sell anything. that market will remain niche for a very long time - if ever.
the general "i dont care much as long as it has cool apps and makes calls and
does its job" market will be 95% (number pulled out of arse - meaning vast
majority) of the market. thats that's what the big boys cater to. and thats
where all the best hardware is - the kind nerds so dearly want to be open so
they too can play with it.

the way to go (imho) is to make that 95% have more openness to it - android was
a big start - maemeo is also a big positive there - as is moblin.. and now the
"meego". no - not 100% open, but its working its way there.

if you are going to hanging out and wait for gta02-core to make a p0hone - you
may be waiting forever. if it does happen you'll find yourself comparing to
"iphone 4g" or "nexus 2" or whatever is now out in the 95% of the market. and
then crying why it sucks so much in comparison. that was already the case for
freerunner. like it or not there is an expectation of at least being in the
same ballpark - and as such the big-boys ballpark keeps drifting further away
from the "open" one. i think it's better to make the big ballpark have more
open in it than to stick to the dminishing distant "pure open" island far from
everything interesting :(

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