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On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 11:54:35 +0000 Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> said:

> raster,
> > may be waiting forever. if it does happen you'll find yourself comparing to
> > "iphone 4g" or "nexus 2" or whatever is now out in the 95% of the market.
> > and then crying why it sucks so much in comparison. that was already the
> > case for freerunner. like it or not there is an expectation of at least
> > being in the same ballpark - and as such the big-boys ballpark keeps
> > drifting further away from the "open" one. i think it's better to make the
> > big ballpark have more
> I do think there is a 3rd way. The gigahertz/gigabyte race is not the only
> race in town. Let them have it.
> A product that just works very well always has a chance. Usability race. Put
> people and their real needs and real ability to understand and use products
> in the center. Don't give a damn if everybody around you goes from 2GHz to
> 3GHz. Again, no hard feelings, let them have it their way.
> But there is room for slow made (but still high-tech) products. Product
> cycles that are so long that they allow real feedback to trickle back from
> users to creators. What we have now is that most feedback is ignored because
> by the time it reaches the creators, they are already 2 generations ahead.
> Plus I have to say - the industry is turning into a produce trash throw-away
> trash industry so fast I couldn't even imagine.
> Even I gave in now: When I shop for a DVD player, I buy the cheapest.
> Absolutely the cheapest. No prisoners taken.
> Inevitably, some X months later, I run into the first (officially bought) DVD
> with latest-and-greatest DRM tricks on it that won't play. Now I throw away my
> player and get a new one (of course cheapest again).
> This system works quite well.
> But it's insane!
> The phone industry is cranking out 1+ billion phones a year.
> Very soon they need to increase the crappiness and "won't fix" features in
> their products so they have a chance to sell the billions more already in the
> pipeline.
> There definitely is another way. Must be. Business opportunity!
> Let's see how long people will be using their FreeRunners, and how long
> they will be using their N900... If the FreeRunner would be bug free, I'm
> sure people would still use them in 10+ years, easily.
> Way to go gta02-core, and way to go osmocom!
> Wolfgang

aaah - the race to the bottom. indeed. thats one way - but that kind of solves
itself - whatever the smartphones used 3-4 years ago now is cheap as chips.
also remember - dvds havent changed. its the same requirement as when they came
out. phones and pc's are in a different world - well if the phone does more
than just make calls. they have to deal with apps.. and worse - the internet.
the web. and that evolves and changes every day - needing more and
more resources on your "interface to the internude". were it to be like dvd's
where the requirements dont change... it'd get awesomely cheap - but luckily
for the hw industry.. thats not the case... so they get to sell u
faster/bigger/better.. just to keep up with "the internet" how it is now. :)

let's see - if things get smaller/faster/more efficient web etc. wise.. this
may change - but i dont see that happening any time soon.

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