gta02-core (was Re: OM future)

rixed at rixed at
Thu Feb 25 15:43:07 CET 2010

Glad I read this. I completely agree, yet I would like to add another thing :

Lets consider the whole market for mobile devices. It's composed for one part of
the yupee techno addicts that want the latest gadget around, and for the other
part by other people that have either no special attraction to technology, or
not the budget to buy the latest gadget, or not the desire to confront the
latest, buggiest and more complex devices.

Like the PC market is composed for one part of the gamers who want the latest
chips and can endure painful configuration and frequent crashes, and for the
other part by normal people with simple needs who are more than happy with an
EEE desktop (for instance).

Due to our occupation and jobs we are probably all surrounded by the former
kind of person, plus the advertisements everywhere suggest that everyone have
or want the latest gadget, but honestly which part of the market looks like a
niche ?

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