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> -[ Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 10:47:35PM +1100, Carsten Haitzler ]----
> > a phone to make 40k units would be easily double that - if not triple. and
> > thats 2g only. 3g will bump that up again.
> I don't know for other countries, but here in France the majority of
> 3g subscribers never use it. All day long you can see adds on TV trying
> to sell video calls, TV on phone, etc, yet you could pack in a bus all
> the people that actually _use_ these services.

internet. need i say more. as such its actually used here in australia, and in
japan, and korea, and the usa, etc. - people really do use phones for looking
up stuff, maps (yes downloading the  maps as you go), blogging, instant
messaging and email - oh god email. sure - video calls, tv etc. are pretty moot
- but the other things definitely use 3g - there is a big difference between 2g
and 3g for speed when it comes to loading web pages. not to mention cost-wise -
2g and 3g get priced differently with 3g being much much much cheaper for data
in au than 2g generally (cheapest telco for data is 3 and they are 3g only - 2g
data rates are just silly. 3g data is cheap).

but - u'd need a phone that actually uses such things nicely and still most
people dont have one. you'd need an iphone, modern android or palm webos device
for this to really work. then it becomes a different game as your phone can
make use of all that data...

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