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On Fri, 26 Feb 2010 07:31:48 +0800 William Kenworthy <billk at> said:

> > but - u'd need a phone that actually uses such things nicely and still most
> > people dont have one. you'd need an iphone, modern android or palm webos
> > device for this to really work. then it becomes a different game as your
> > phone can make use of all that data...
> > 
> Also dont forget "progress" - here in Western Australia GSM coverage is
> static and may even be shrinking, where 3G is already far greater and
> expanding.  The freerunner is a phone only as long as a network is
> available to connect to - as I found out when on holiday last year.
> Think driving hundreds of kilometers with no connection at all, where a
> 3G phone at least had a connection at many places.
> GSM obsolete here :(

just wait until the LTE (or whatever comes after 3.5g) craze comes. gsm likely
will start being dismantled - i know if i travel to korea or japan i NEED a 3g
phone. 2g just doesnt work as they have no gsm/gprs etc. networks at all - only

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