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> Hello,
> --- On Thu, 2/25/10, Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms at> wrote:
> > Em 25-02-2010 01:39, Carsten Haitzler
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> > > boys with the big pots of money are surprisingly close
> [snip]
> > > compromises. but you can get some of it at least.
> > 
> > Oh come on, don't beat them with a stick, if you don't have people
> > working on this now, then when the time comes there will be pretty much
> > nothing to show and all the time of development will have to start
> > *then* instead of now :)
> > 
> > The beauty of these communities thing is that one resource spent in
> > developping gta02-core is not one resource not spent in SHR because (and
> > I might be wrong here because I'm not into gta02-core) most likely
> > gta02-core people don't feel as excited writing software for a
> > smartphone environment (PIM, call support, other apps, etc...).
> > 
> > As such, gta02-core people are not diminishing SHR people, but
> > complementing.
> You are right and that is my point. 
> The other bits around about big companies with money
> doing propietary stuff is off topic; since the original
> thread mail was intended to talk about community
> projects which learn the proper software/hardware
> development processes needed for an open mobile phone,
> no about who is going to do a product for the 95% of
> the market and which is that product.
> Sorry for my english guys, maybe I did not explain
> the idea very well.

i'm getting at the fact that the hw side is stuck - it wont work without a pot
of gold. the hw side that WORKS are the big companies with lots of pots of gold
already. if you want to make something work - work with them on the software
side... but you are free to ignore this advice and continue with your idea that
you "need to work on the process" as you'll be working on it without anything
being produced for a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time (read - never) unless you
find a pot of gold. it's the hw side  that has these costs that unlike
software, can't be replaced by someone simply spending their time on
evenings/weekends. it costs real money - get your pot of gold and it can
happen, or ork with those who already have the pots of gold - and produce
hardware. until then you're an armchair sportsman. you can yell about how that
pass was bad or whatever... you won't affect the game - ever. you'll just cover
your tv with spittle. :)

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