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On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 22:18:31 +0530 rakshat hooja <rakshat at> said:

> > but - u'd need a phone that actually uses such things nicely and still most
> > people dont have one. you'd need an iphone, modern android or palm webos
> > device
> > for this to really work. then it becomes a different game as your phone can
> > make use of all that data...
> >
> Lets take the desktop analogy further I use a 2004 Tosiba laptop with a
> celeron processor (ubuntu ) as my main laptop still. 6 years down the line
> the "modern" internet runs perfectly on it (modern games pretty much don't
> :).  Firefox renders pretty much everything, Java works, maps, banking,
> server hosted apps, social networking sites; everything really does work.

probably because you're a nerd and don't use what regular people do - regular
peolpe use sites covered in flash - and with a 2ghz celeron and 2gb of ram...
things bog down... and i hear the whingeing all the time. i keep saying "close
firefox - dont have 12 tabs open each with 5 flash ads and so on" but that
doesnt change. behavior doesnt change - there is an insistence that no matter
what they do - things work properly. and it gets worse month after month. yes -
it's linux. people do more and want more. and the internet requires more. i
100% disagree that the itnernet of 1997 uses the same browser and local
resources of the internet 2010 for the vast majority of people. it squarely
does not. and every year those resources needed goes up.

> Now I have two employees in my 3 people company and both my employees have
> had their laptops upgraded (at my cost). One has a fancy HP with one of the
> latest intel processors and the other a macbook. Did they really need these
> upgardes to use the modern evolving web? No. But they definitely felt that
> they needed the latest hardware to be productive in their work.
> Why am i mentioning all these anecdotes. Because I feel that they highlight
> the fact that people will always want the latest and fanciest hardware they
> can afford but at the sametime its just BS to say you need the latest
> hardware to run the evolving internet. Snapdragon is cool but the 233 MHz
> samsung in the Neo 1973 is still more than capable of handling anything the
> mobile internet has thrown up till now (if designed properly - like raster
> is right about the qvga screen in the OM phones).

but at vga.. it's pushing it. and as more stuff becomes js and ajax.. html5 -
this wil change. as you dont have flash - you havent noticed. add flash in and
you'll think otherwise. and dont go blaming flash - flash uses those resoruces
because of the richer things it does and people like and WANT those. and as js
+html5/ajax etc. do more of what flash has been doing you will see the same
resource issues in "regular browsers".

> I do buy the 3G module and lisense cost issues and till date I don't see how
> this can be worked around for a fully open phone.
> Anyway Qi's roadmap does say Open Phone in 2012

aaah roadmaps. how many i have seen and how many of them are filled with
complete bunk - by this i mean there is little to no REALITY behind them - they
are wishlists, not firm schedules that can be done. i do hope qi manages to get
there - i wish wolfgan all the best in getting there - but i know how hard it
really is - he does too. it's monumentally difficult. and its difficult even if
you have a pot of gold.

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