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> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> > On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 11:41:24 -0800 (PST) Rafael Ignacio Zurita
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> > ...
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> > i'm getting at the fact that the hw side is stuck - it wont work without a
> > pot of gold. the hw side that WORKS are the big companies with lots of pots
> > of gold already. if you want to make something work - work with them on the
> > software side... but you are free to ignore this advice and continue with
> > your idea that you "need to work on the process" as you'll be working on it
> > without anything being produced for a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time (read -
> > never) unless you find a pot of gold. it's the hw side  that has these
> > costs that unlike software, can't be replaced by someone simply spending
> > their time on evenings/weekends. it costs real money - get your pot of gold
> > and it can happen, or ork with those who already have the pots of gold -
> > and produce hardware. until then you're an armchair sportsman. you can yell
> > about how that pass was bad or whatever... you won't affect the game -
> > ever. you'll just cover your tv with spittle. :)
> > 
> > 
> Doom and gloom :)
> I still like the idea of a modular 3g modem in your phone.  Design your 
> next openmoko/qi/openwhatever linux pda and leave in a usb port and a 
> cavity for the smallest 3G usb stick.  Maybe place it on the end of the 
> phone and reduce the case size later.  It's not perfect, but it allows 
> replacement of the cell module which gives you lots of flexibility. 
> Similar things already happen -- QI's Ben gets wifi for free with an SD 
> card slot.  It just became much more useful.  This is just an example 
> that you don't need a pot of gold for everything.
> These solutions aren't for everyone, and neither is GNU/Linux on the 
> desktop, but for some it will be the preferred choice.
> Open hardware is still fairly new -- and you _can_ make progress without 
> pots of gold.  You won't be able to get everything, but you might get 
> more (look at GNU/Linux's progress, although I know big companies 
> support some of its development now).  Thank you to gta02-core, QI, and 
> other people for working on open hardware.

as ken young said - 95% of your gnu/linux market just went away if the above
is your solution. 95% of already a small market. they are interested in a real
production-level device that is in the same ballpark as everyone else in
price,, design and features... BUT that runs linux (not android - android is
not linux and very far from it). and that linux needs to be open enough to not
get in the way - if u cant recompile a kernel or cant fix a bug .. then thats
bad. the people who demand open all the way to the bottom including hw
schematics are  tiny subset (the 5%) and suddenly your niche market just got a
hell of a lot more niche - and thats going to kill most models.

but if thats what you like - good luck and enjoy. you will have a very limited
selection of devices - if any and be always fighting against the grain. your
costs will be high. choice low. :( but.. to each their own. the vast majority
of those interested in om were interested in the above - and that included me.
the rest (open hw) is just an added "ooh nice" but not a necessity.

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