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On Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 3:29 PM, Carsten Haitzler <raster at>wrote:

>  or get a nokia n900 (though my
> experience is that its a pile of junk - as i sit here now with my n900
> having
> bricked itself spontaneously over a week ago, so i'm without a phone,
> 6000km
> from home, not to mention that windows 3.1 seems like a paragon of
> stability
> and solid performance compared to the n900 - the n900 would literally crash
> and
> restart the whole ui very few minutes or sooner at times, but it'd do this
> at
> least 5-10 times per day at a minimum).

Well, I'm pretty late replying to this, since I've been so happily playing
with my n900 that I haven't checked this list in a while.  :-)

There's apparently a HW/SW problem affecting a few n900s that cause very
common reboots - they seem to have fixed it in the latest firmwarm - you can
see the details in

Also - this has some advice on how to unbrick the n900 -

I tend to get reboots a few times a week, which is still more often than
most people seem to, so I'm going to try flashing the new firmware this

Even with the reboots, I *love* my n900...   It's not perfect, but coming
from using my FR as my daily phone for a year - the n900 is fantastic!!

Of course, maybe there will be even better options available soon!   ;-)


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