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Sun Feb 28 12:10:54 CET 2010

*Please fwd to SHR developer list also*

> 2) This weekend I am going to make a questionnaire for the SHR core team
> asking questions about the history of SHR (how it came to be, who were the
> key people in the begining etc), who all are working on it currently and
> what all are they contributing, what technologies and toolkits SHR uses and
> supports, Why SHR should be used, What are the future plans and new targeted
> platforms, What help do they need, What contributions the community can make
> etc. I will post the questionnaire on these mailing lists and maybe the
> SHR-devloper list too. Once the answers are there maybe some of you with
> bolgs can edit and make an article for your blogs/ for sending to magazines
> for publication.
Ok so I have my list of questions for SHR people. Please feel free to add
questions and if you know  answers please answer!  (I know a most of the
answers are on the two wikis. I am just trying to consolidate and update
them so we can easily write about SHR :) I am hoping the consolidated
answers will be moved to a wiki page soon

1. What is SHR?

2. Can you tell a bit about the history of SHR? Why was the development of
SHR started? What were the aims and objectives?

3. What are the target platforms for SHR? Does SHR target only
Openmokophones or is it designed as a generic mobile communication/
PDA solution?

4. How does the development process of SHR work ( As in who/ who all decide
what is to be doe at what priority)?

5. Who are the main developers working on SHR? What are their areas of
interest wrt SHR and what are they working on these days?

6. How far has the development of SHR progressed? Is the current SHR image
usable out of the box?

7. Can you explain the structure of SHR (as in kernel, middleawre windows
manager, data storage structure, application layer etc)?

8. If a S/W developer wishes to contribute to SHR what should she/ he do?
Does she/ he need to have any specific skill sets to contribute to SHR?

9. How does a developer make sure her/ his application runs on SHR. Is there
any centralised verification process or a repository where verified
applications are stored?

10. Can you list the main areas where you would appreciate help in the
SHRdevelopment process and are looking for volunteers.

11. What is the relationship of SHR with FSO ( A bit about FSO too).
Is SHRan user interface on top of
FSO or does it offer something more?

12. Can someone highlight the Short term, medium term and long term benefits
of using SHR to Hardware hackers and hardware manufacturers?

13. What milestones does SHR hope to hit in 2010?

13. Where do I find all the code and documentation for SHR?

14. When will SHR/ Stable be available :)

Also we already have 9 SHR Stable release parties listed. Please list your
local party or your attendance to a party on the wiki page.

If you are not registered on the wiki to edit mail me directly and I will
add your entry. Number of other announcements for the SHR parties will be
posted on these lists soon so keep a lookout for them :)

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