[WikiReader] Announcing wrdk

Michael Hope michael.hope at seabright.co.nz
Tue Jun 1 10:11:38 CEST 2010

Hi there.  I'm happy to announce wrdk, a development kit for the WikiReader.

wrdk is a pre-built toolchain, libraries, set of examples, and simple
serial loader that makes developing applications for the Openmoko
WikiReader a little bit easier.  Included is fairly high level access
to most of the hardware including the file system, LCD, buttons, and
touch screen.

The development cycle is pretty easy: write your app, build it, copy
it over to a SD card, and pick the icon off a menu to run it.  The
serial loader, along with a modified WikiReader and custom cable,
speeds this up by letting you reset the device and load a new program
straight from your desktop machine.

Binaries are available for Linux and Windows.  See

for more.

I'm tempted to offer a pre-modified WikiReader and download cable to
help those who aren't electronically inclined.  Please contact me if
you'd be interested.

-- Michael

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