QtMoko v24

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Jun 3 04:06:59 CEST 2010

>> I've gone for a less radical approach, as most of the loglines came from
>> qtopia:
>> in /etc/init.d/qpe.sh
>> change the line that starts qpe in
>> qpe 2>&1 | logger -p local5.debug -t 'Qtopia'
>> than use /etc/syslog.conf to only log important info (see man
>> syslog.conf)

> Sure, but i have seen kernel going crazy and spamming megabytes into 
> /var/log/messages. So i think complete removal of loggers is more safe.

Why not use the circular in-memory buffer provided by busybox's syslogd?
It's what OpenWRT uses (and many other embedded firmwares): it doesn't
eat up your Flash/disk, but still gives you access to the last
few messages.

I already posted the init file I use for it:

   # cat /etc/init.d/syslog-busybox 
   # Provides:             sysklogd
   # Required-Start:       $remote_fs $time
   # Required-Stop:        $remote_fs $time
   # Should-Start:         $network
   # Should-Stop:          $network
   # Default-Start:        2 3 4 5
   # Default-Stop:         0 1 6
   # Short-Description:    System logger
   case "$1" in
       start )
           echo -n "Starting Busybox syslog:"
           if busybox syslogd -C16; then
               echo -n " syslogd"; else echo -n " !syslogd!"; fi
           if busybox klogd; then
               echo -n " klogd"; else echo -n " !kogd!"; fi
           echo "."

You can then read your syslog with "busybox logread" (for which you can
make a symlink).


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