Questions about the cpu to glamo bus and the framebuffer

Rashid Kratou rashid at
Mon Jun 7 12:37:50 CEST 2010

Hi guys,

2 questions.

First: How "wide" is the bus from the cpu to the glamo gpu? It should be
clocked with 90 MHz but I read it has only 7,3 MB/s. How is that

Second: Can I draw directly to the framebuffer. Is it possible in qtmoko
or in any other distro? I would to write a see programm that just draw
directly into it. I would like to draw in first frame just every even
line. And in the second frame only every odd line tosave bandwidth on
the bus. 

I don't know if this the right mailing list to ask for it. But maybe you
can help me :).

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