[wikireader] Project Gutenberg (again)

Tom Bachmann e_mc_h2 at web.de
Tue Jun 8 16:20:10 CEST 2010


thanks for your quick reply.

>> 1) Is there a "deep" reason why boldface fonts are not implemented? I
>> figure they are not really relevant for wikis, but would be nice for
>> some of the books. Unless there is something that complicates the matter
>> I'm not seeing, I think I will add them (should be straightforward to
>> mimic the behaviour of italic fonts?).
> They are implemented. We just didn't include them to save space. (Font
> sets are super huge when you include all the unicode characters!)
> If you look at the function "handle_data" within
> http://github.com/wikireader/wikireader/blob/master/host-tools/offline-renderer/ArticleRenderer.py
> you'll see what I mean.

Hm. I thought I had convinced myself that the real problem was that only 
two bits are used to encode the font id, and they are already used up 
(default, italic, title, subtitle, and "supplements" [large files with 
all characters I suppose] for default, title, subtitle). So adding 
boldface fonts to the wiki-app *does* seem to involve some non-trivial 
work. (I guess the advantage of splitting the fonts like this is that 
the small subset can be kept in memory all the time? The size of the 
fontfiles themselves is on the order of megabites so shouldn't matter, 
should it?)

> Sure we can do this. No problem! The font is getting more and more
> complex since we actually hand make many of the characters now.

That would be really awesome.

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