parts for the buzzfix

Peter Nijs moko_ml at
Wed Jun 9 15:41:22 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 09 June 2010 15:20:51 Paul Fertser wrote:
> Peter Nijs <moko_ml at> writes:
> > find it quite difficult to difficult to find the needed components: 2K2
> > 0402 smd resistor and a small ceramic 100µF smd cap.
> It'd be a bit too long for me to send you the parts but i can suggest
> using 0603 R (it fits there all right because one side of it should be
> connected to the ground plane anyway.) and a tantalum capacitor, those
> are much easier to source.

Thanks for the tips. I already found them on rs-components (and I have 
contacts who can order there). But aren't tantalum cap's polarised? Or is the 
mic signal DC? Or is there another reason why this isn't a problem?

My coursebook states that they can withstand voltage reversal. I interpreted 
this line as: they're not designed for it, but if you do it once by accident, 
they won't break.


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