[QtMoko] FR dying unexpectedly?

Brolin Empey brolin at brolin.be
Thu Jun 10 16:25:48 CEST 2010

Hello World,

Sometimes (at least once per month?) my FR dies unexpectedly:  sometimes 
it happens when I receive a phone call, even if my FR does not die when 
the same phone number calls before and after the Call of Death.  Other 
times, my FR is suspended or fully on while charging.  I have not 
noticed a pattern so far.  My FR dies both when running on battery on 
when charging.  When I say my FR dies, I mean it shows no user-visible 
signs of life until I remove and reinstall the battery.  Before I do 
this, I cannot even get my FR to power on again:  the display is off and 
the power button does not appear to do anything.  Does this happen to 
anyone else?  Is there a known cause and/or prevention?  I am currently 
using QtMoko v19 with the QtMoko v19 debug kernel (suspend did not work 
with the QtMoko v19 nodebug kernel) on a buzzfixed GSM 850 MHz GTA02A6. 
  However, my FR has been dying unexpectedly for months, including with 
previous releases of QtMoko.  My FR died again yesterday.  I checked 
/var/log/messages:  there is nothing about the death:  only normal 
messages before the death, then 2 hours of no messages during the death, 
then normal boot messages after the death.


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