[QtMoko] FR dying unexpectedly?

Denis Johnson denis.johnson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 03:24:00 CEST 2010

On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 12:25 AM, Brolin Empey <brolin at brolin.be> wrote:
> Sometimes (at least once per month?) my FR dies unexpectedly:  sometimes
> it happens when I receive a phone call, even if my FR does not die when
> the same phone number calls before and after the Call of Death.  Other
> times, my FR is suspended or fully on while charging.  I have not
> noticed a pattern so far.

This has occurred to me also a few times, can't say I ever noticed it
while getting a call.

>  My FR dies both when running on battery on
> when charging.  When I say my FR dies, I mean it shows no user-visible
> signs of life until I remove and reinstall the battery.  Before I do
> this, I cannot even get my FR to power on again:  the display is off and
> the power button does not appear to do anything.  Does this happen to
> anyone else?

Yes, very similar symptoms, although I have noticed similar issue
whenever I do flash a new distro to NAND (regardless of distro). The
first power on/boot attempt appears as if the FR is dead, until I
remove and reinstall the battery. Usually I have to wait 15 sec or so
before I reinsert the battery. I am using Qi, and I get the familiar
led flash and vibrate but then dead, but t not sur if Qi has anything
to do with these symptoms.

> Is there a known cause and/or prevention?  I am currently
> using QtMoko v19 with the QtMoko v19 debug kernel (suspend did not work
> with the QtMoko v19 nodebug kernel) on a buzzfixed GSM 850 MHz GTA02A6.

Mine is a buzzfixed GTA02A5 first group purchase into Australia. It
experienced these symptoms prior to buzzfix also.
I'm currently running V24 and so far have not experienced it dying
while booted, but then I have not had v24 that long. At this point I
do not feel it is distro related and suspect that it may be kernel
version related and specifically related to detecting usb cable and
charging state and perhaps even the battery meter showing invalid
state while battery is in fact quite drained. As you suggested, it
sometimes even occurs while the FR is plugged in, however I wonder if
sometimes it simply looks like it is fully charged while it actually
has a critical low battery and shuts off.

As you say, hit has not happened enough times to be able to be
definitive about the conditions and establish a pattern.

cheers Denis

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