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mobi phil mobi at
Mon Jun 14 02:03:38 CEST 2010

> Modesetting on Glamo is a menace.  One tiny false move and either the
> GPU or the LCM will get upset and decide not to talk to you any more.
> Here are my numbers for rotated operation.  Your rotated display
> probably comes from your timings being out by a bit.
> mode.vrefresh = 0
> mode.hdisplay = 640
> mode.hsync_start = 656
> mode.hsync_end = 658
> mode.htotal = 660
> mode.vdisplay = 480
> mode.vsync_start = 496
> mode.vsync_end = 504
> mode.vtotal = 512
> mode.clock = 24500000
> Currently, KMS doesn't have the concept of rotation, so what goes on to
> make this work is a horrendous hack, and only supports one landscape
> orientation (rotated clockwise).
> Tom

Thanks Thomas, hello list

just realised that my answer email did not leave my box :(...

i was writing...
well, I am not really interested in the concept of rotation in kms,
but using the phone in landscape mode. I am writing a simple phone
framework (proof of concept) that is based only on fb or drm. I need
landscape mode for a full screen kb. Portrait would do the job, but
all draw operations have to be "rotated". It is not tragical, but I
thought if the phone is supporting it, why not using it...

I tried the settings proposed by you (that differed only in
mode.refresh ! :) from my original one). It works and not.. I did not
set back the values for "portrait" and when starting the second time
the same application, WSOD...

new experience... yes.. I really need the landscape mode as default.
The little framework I write, as mentioned would benefit if stuff
would be rendered by default to landscape. Based on my measurements
copying a 640*480 back buffer to front buffer takes 50msec in "non
rotated" mode, whereas it takes 250msec if I want rotation when

If anybody has some "sane" timings for landscape, I would really
appreciate them.. (preferabbly to have the orientation of USB cable
upwards... :) )

mobi phil

being mobile, but including technology

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