Looking for documentation for using the glamo

Rashid rashid at milacom.de
Mon Jun 14 14:58:57 CEST 2010

Hi guys,

I'm looking for documentation / tutorials for using the glamo. 

Main Questions: 

Can I simply blit with SDL? Means the bitmaps are on the glamo SD RAM
and needn't to be copied for every frame to the glamo via the 7 MB/s bus
with CPU locking? Does it work from QTopia? Is a special kernel needed
for it?

PDF reading is realy a pain with eye piece. Extreme slow with pdfs with
large pictures. Is it possible to slice a picture of a pdf site into
different parts. The pdf in fact just consist of images. Then copy all
of these parts in the glamo sd ram und show one part at one time (like
the top of the side)? I think I'm asking for multiple framebuffers on
the GPU, that can fast switched. On each framebuffer is one part of the
pdf-site (maybe with overlapping areas for better reading).

Thank you for the reading and maybe for some answers :). 


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