[QtMoko] handset is (almost) unusable for voice calls with background noise

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at iki.fi
Tue Jun 15 10:02:58 CEST 2010

Brolin Empey <brolin at brolin.be> writes:
> using it since 2009-08.  One of the largest problems I still have is 
> call volumes when there is background noise.  I usually use my FR as a 

I experience the same problem and it's one of the last problems so I'd
like to do something about it. My current workaround is to tune the
volume levels depending on the situation...

> How many other people are in my situation?  Is there a practical 
> solution?  I do not think having to remember to enable a louder 
> gsmhandset.state before using voice calls with background noise, then 
> enabling the quieter gsmhandset.state when I am in a quiet place again 
> is a practical solution because it is not necessary with my Nokia 6103b. 

I agree.

>   Why do I have so many problems with call volumes on my FR but not on 
> my Nokia 6103b?  Is it because the FR lacks Automatic Gain Control (AGC)?

Wolfson has automatic level control but you probably have not
configured it for use. We do not know what really is inside
Calypso. See page 31 of WM8753.pdf for Wolfson info. Iirc the argument
for not using Wolfson's ALC was that it could make echo cancellation
difficult for Calypso.

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