[QtMoko] handset is (almost) unusable for voice calls with background noise

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Tue Jun 15 10:58:41 CEST 2010

[Brolin Empey Di  15. Juni 2010]:
> using it since 2009-08.  One of the largest problems I still have is 
> call volumes when there is background noise.  I usually use my FR as a 
> handset only, not with speakerphone nor a headset.  My FR is (almost) 
> unusable as a handset for voice calls with background noise when I am in 
> public places, such as a street or shopping mall.  I either have to find 
> a very quiet place, such as inside my car with the doors and windows
[... etc ...]

AIUI your problem is you have too low earpiece volume?
You need to ramp up volume to max as described in wiki.
Some FR have a problem of 2 capacitors in path to earpiece reducing max 
possible earpiece level, while others have a correct 2 pcs 0R "wire" instead. 
Actually for those I heard several complaints earpiece is too *loud* :-)

If you can't ramp up earpiece volume because you get complaints about far end 
(aka peer) hearing echo of own voice, then you need to adjust mic level and 
Acoustic Echo Cancellation settings for Calypso. Please again refer to wiki

>   My FR is still sensitive to how I hold it, though, which is annoying 
> because sometimes I cannot hear people well or they cannot hear me 
> because I slightly moved my FR without noticing.

That's completely weird, as volume shouldn't relate to how you hold your FR. 
Only thing that can be affected by the way you hold the device, is GSM 
interference aka buzz. You got the buzzfix for your FR?

> my Nokia 6103b?  Is it because the FR lacks Automatic Gain Control (AGC)?
No. AGC is for sure not the problem here. AEC settings might be, as I gather 
you *have* gsmhandset versions that yield sufficient earpiece volume, but for 
unspecified reasons you seem not satified with their performance in quiet 
places. This might point to AEC problems (see above), but without clear 
description of the nature of the problem, it's hard to tell anything specific.

> expect the N900 to be more usable as a handset than my FR.  Nokia 
> released the N900 without USB Host support to meet deadlines because 
> they could not have it certified for USB Host without fully working USB 
> Host at the time of certification, but on Sunday I learned it is still 
> possible for the N900 to use USB Host:  there is a community project to 
> make USB Host usage easy for end users.  To be practical, I probably do 

Hey :-D. Pleased you found my project :-) Anyway please notice it's pre-alpha 
and not yet ready for primetime

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