[QtMoko] handset is (almost) unusable for voice calls with background noise

Brolin Empey brolin at brolin.be
Fri Jun 25 19:20:04 CEST 2010

Russell Hay wrote:
> ...now this is what I'd like offered as a hardware fix. I've not needed
> the buzz-fix, but if I could have a usable volume... or at least some
> info on how to do it.. I'll be a happy bunny!

My “solution” was to finally succumb and/or give up and buy a Nokia 
N900. ;)  The N900 solution’s acquisition cost may be out of your 
budget, though:  I paid about 613 CAD including taxes from NewEgg.ca. 
An iPhone costs a similar amount to buy if it is not subsidised by 
signing at least a 1-year term contract with a carrier, though. 
However, the N900 is a far more open device, which makes it far more 
useful for me.  Even if I was willing to sign a term contract, which I 
am not because I do not need one with my Fido monthly plan and I do not 
need a data plan, the N900 has not been released in Canada so I would 
still have to pay full price for it.

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