[Debian] new kernel package

Quim Testar quimtestar at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 10:12:32 CET 2010

Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> '> Apart from factoring out those modules, is the new kernel improved in
>>> some way?  And is it built without the debug settings?
>> It's the latest upstream andy-tracking, mostly meaning that if
>> compared to July snapshot Bluetooth, GPS etc. should handle suspend
>> better among else. Debug is disabled. WLAN should work, but because of
>> the debug being disabled one usually hits this bug quite soon:
> I just tried it and the boot fails with "unable to mount rootfs on
> unknown block".  My Debian / partition is on the NAND, if it matters.
> Any idea what might be the problem?

Had the same issue. Solved it re-running 'configure-uboot.sh' with
rootfstype=ext2 instead of ext3, but leds were not working for me in the
new version and decided to downgrade anyway. Moreover, with ext2 the root
partition needs to recheck at boot everytime system goes down uncleanly,
which happens often to me.

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