[Debian] new kernel package

Quim Testar quimtestar at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 20:03:32 CET 2010

Sebastian Reichel wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 02, 2010 at 10:12:32AM +0100, Quim Testar wrote:

>> Had the same issue. Solved it re-running 'configure-uboot.sh' with
>> rootfstype=ext2 instead of ext3, but leds were not working for me in the
>> new version and decided to downgrade anyway. Moreover, with ext2 the root
>> partition needs to recheck at boot everytime system goes down uncleanly,
>> which happens often to me.
> as I said multiple times - you need to load the led kernel module to
> have working leds. I guess I should add an init.d script to
> fso-config-gta02, which will load these modules.

Even in this very thread. Can't say I tried hard to make it work. My fault.

BTW, is there a reason behind the fact that rootfs must be mounted as ext2
now? or should it work?

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