How to get the QtMoko onscreen keyboard

Brolin Empey brolin at
Wed Mar 3 19:35:09 CET 2010

Stefan Monnier wrote:
> I just installed QtMoko (v18) on a uSD to try it out, and while it looks
> OK, it never shows me any keyboard, which makes a lot of its
> functionality unusable.
> Is it supposed to popup automatically?  If it doesn't, is there some way
> to force it?
> I do see a little "Aa" icon at the top of the screen when I'm in a text
> field, but it doesn't seem to be do anything.

The “Aa” icon means the input method is set to Phone Keys, but of course 
the FreeRunner lacks a physical keypad.  You need to press the white 
triangle, which points down, to the right of the “Aa” icon to choose one 
of the keyboard-based input methods.  I prefer the Docked Keyboard.  In 
QtMoko v14, the input method reverts to Phone Keys every time Qt 
Extended Improved (QtEI) is restarted, so you always need to change it 
back to a keyboard-based input method.  AFAIK, this bug has still not 
been fixed, so QtMoko v18 probably still behaves the same as v14.

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