How to get the QtMoko onscreen keyboard

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Wed Mar 3 22:19:21 CET 2010

> The “Aa” icon means the input method is set to Phone Keys, but of course 
> the FreeRunner lacks a physical keypad.  You need to press the white 
> triangle, which points down, to the right of the “Aa” icon to choose one 
> of the keyboard-based input methods.  I prefer the Docked Keyboard.  In 
> QtMoko v14, the input method reverts to Phone Keys every time Qt 
> Extended Improved (QtEI) is restarted, so you always need to change it 
> back to a keyboard-based input method.  AFAIK, this bug has still not 
> been fixed, so QtMoko v18 probably still behaves the same as v14.

Ah, thanks, it works now.  I even managed to get my wifi configured
(including all the weird chars in the WPA password).

Now I keep wondering: why is this Debian-based distribution not using
*.deb packages for its /opt/qtmoko stuff?


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