My surplus FreeRunner score!

Vinzenz Hersche hersche at
Fri Mar 5 08:19:08 CET 2010

i'm interessted in maybe 2 of them.. is 850 also possible for europe? really 
not shure.. and are you able to send them to switzerland?

Brolin schrieb am Donnerstag 04 März 2010:
Hello FreeRunners,

I just bought the following for 150 USD + UPS Ground shipping to 
Washington from SDG Systems in Pennsylvania:

* 5x GTA02A6 (4 GSM 850, 1 GSM 900) with buzzfix
* 5x earphones
* 5x travel cases
* 5x batteries
* 2x or 3x chargers

No MicroSD cards, though, but those are cheap.

The catch?  The FreeRunners were returned by customers because the 
microphones do not work.  I still think 30 USD each for handheld 
(Debian) Linux computers is an excellent deal, though:  how else can I 
buy a handheld Linux computer with so much functionality for only 30 
USD?  I can still try using a wired or wireless (Bluetooth) headset 
instead of the handset too.


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