Free, as in beer, Freerunner

Ken Young rtm at
Fri Mar 5 15:46:55 CET 2010

   I have two buzz-fixed Freerunners, and I really can't figure out
any reason why I need two.   Somebody else should be having fun with
one of them.   I'm gonna give one away.    If you want it,
there are two ways to get it:

Method one:   Tell me the colloquial meaning of the Persian phrase
"Sendeh roo shamsheer", when applied to a person.   I don't mean the
literal translation into English - that's "Turd on a sword".   I
want the idiomatic meaning.   A friend of mine says is is a common
expression in Persian.

Method two:   Send me a standalone program that can be compiled with
the Openmoko cross compiler tool chain, which will use pango and cairo
to print (in an X11 window on my Freerunner) a text string, provided by
the user, rotated by an arbitrary angle, also provided by the user.   The
text must be antialiased.

If you want the free Freerunner, complete one of the above tasks,
and send the info to orrery.moko at   Be sure to send the
address to which you want the phone to be shipped.   I'll pay for shipping.
I will send the buzz-fixed Freerunner, and a battery.   No uSD.
No sock.   No stylus.

Sorry, I've only got one extra, so whoever completes one of the above tasks
first gets the phone.

Ken Young

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