djdas djdas at djdas.net
Sun Mar 7 17:13:00 CET 2010

Ed Kapitein wrote:
> Hi Djdas,
> Thanks for the new FR software.
> I did try it just yet and ran into some problems.
> Where am i supposed to put the software? SD card? Nand?  doesn;t matter?
> I put it on the Nand and flashed the kernel to Nand as well, but it
> doesn't boot at all.

I'm sorry to not explain the installation but simply forgot :)
The file is the tar.gz archive of the root fie system, you can untar it 
on a SD partition to install and:
1) using u-boot copy the kernel in /boot/uImage-GTA02.bin in a vfat 
2) using Qi select the SD card partition to boot
Please see docs for the details especially for Qi as I don't use it and 
don't know how to configure it, sorry.
If you want to install in your NAND you should boot another distro on 
SD, mount your NAND partition (mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblk6 /mnt/point) 
and then untar the file on the partition; kernel could be flashed as always.
Jffs image will be provided soon but until then we will provide only 
tar.gz archives, sorry.
> Having a choice is a good thing and if this will be "just a phone" it is
> good enough for me.
Having a functionally phone is our key target ;)
> I have always felt that 56 layers of abstraction before talking to the
> hardware is a mixed blessing.
> If you want to support different hardware i think it is a must, but if
> you want to make bleeding edge software just for the FR it is an overkill.
> Just my 2 cents.

I definitely agree, we have only a layer (written in pure C++) which 
abstracts FSO and oFono APIs to achieve multi middleware (and so 
multiplatform) support without the needs of rewriting the applications APIs
> Kind regards,
> Ed
Best regards,

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